Gilbert Haddad Receives Best Paper Award

The IEEE International Conference on Prognostics and Health Management (IEEE PHM2011) was held in Denver, CO, on June 20-23, 2011. The four-day conference spotlighted scientific methodologies for PHM research, innovative business PHM approaches, and collaboration and communication between academic, government, and industry PHM communities across the globe.

The CALCE Prognostics and Health Management Group served as co-sponsors for the IEEE PHM 2011 conference and were involved in planning and organizing. CALCE professors and researchers presented on a wide range of important topics during the four days of meetings, including a tutorial on "The Life-Consumption Approach to Health Monitoring" presented by Professor Abhijit Dasgupta.

Professor Peter Sandborn presented a paper titled "Using Real Options to Manage Condition-Based Maintenance Enabled by PHM," for which he and Gilbert Haddad (CALCE Ph.D. student) won the award for "Overall Best Paper from Academia" for the conference. He also presented a second paper on "Using PHM to Meet Availability-Based Contracting Requirements," co-authored with Taoufik Jazouli (CALCE Ph.D. student). Dr. Qiang Miao, a visiting professor at CALCE from the University of Electronic Science and Technology in Chengdu, China, presented on "Cooling Fan Bearing Fault Identification Using Vibration Fan Measurement" as well as on "Rolling Element Bearing Fault Feature Extraction." The paper "Remaining Useful Performance Analysis of Batteries" was presented by Wei He (CALCE Ph.D. student).

Profesor Peter Sandborn served as the moderator of a plenary session panel on PHM affordability for manufacturers and the potential for PHM to impact return-on-investment. Sony Mathew moderated an IEEE PHM Standards Workshop and later served on a panel session on the current and future state of PHM research.

For more information on CALCE’s presence at the 2011 IEEE PHM Conference, please contact Professor Michael Pecht at

Published August 2, 2011