Groth Receives Landis Award

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Hash Hashemian (lefr), chair of the ANS Honors and Awards Committee, presents the Landis Young Member Engineering Achievement Award to UMD assistant professor of mechanical engineering Katrina Groth.

 Katrina Groth, associate professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Maryland and associate director of the Center for Risk and Reliability (CRR), has been awarded the Landis Young Member Engineering Achievement Award, a highly competitive national-level award from the American Nuclear Society (ANS).

 Only ANS members under 40 are eligible for the award, which honors engineers whose work has yielded an engineering concept, design, safety improvement, method of analysis or product utilized in nuclear power research and development or commercial application. It is one of the only national-level awards in the field that is given in recognition of engineering achievements with significant technical merit.

 In recognizing Groth, the ANS cited “her sustained technical excellence in nuclear safety, probabilistic risk assessment, and human reliability analysis.” She is one of three Landis recipients named this year; the others are Caleb S. Brooks (University of Illinois) and Christian M. Petrie (Oak Ridge National Laboratory).

“I am thrilled and honored to have been chosen for this recognition,” Groth said. “The award underscores the continued importance ANS places on nuclear safety and also speaks to the impact of innovating the methods we use to ensure nuclear safety.” In addition to this national-level award, Groth has previously won the division-level David Okrent Award.

The award is named for the late James N. Landis, a former president of both ANS and ASME, and a founding member of the 

Published June 28, 2022