Mechanical Engineering Student Enthused to Study Abroad

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"Overall, I am very very excited."

Bizhan Zhumagali, Mechanical Engineering Junior

During the spring 2009, semester 14 mechanical engineering students will depart for a semester-long study abroad experience. They will be only a fraction of the approximately 600 University of Maryland students that will be studying out of the country for a semester. This fantastic opportunity is possible through the President's Promise Initiative, which enables students to experience semester, seasonal, or year-long study programs.

Bizhan Zhumagali (Junior, Mechanical Engineering) will be studying abroad in Australia. Zhumagali decided to study abroad in order to, “experience something different than the campus at Maryland.” The chance to meet new friends and journey to different places is what he is most looking forward to from this experience. Although he likes meeting new people, Bizhan says he will miss his friends from school the most. Another factor in Bizhan’s decision to leave UMD for the semester is his love of travel. One of his goals for the trip is to sightsee in New Zealand, Fiji, and Indonesia. During the semester, Bizhan plans to take courses in renewable energy and automatic controls.

Bizhan’s expectations for his semester are very realistic, as many students say that studying abroad was one of the most important and life changing experiences during their collegiate career. “Overall, I am very, very excited [about this opportunity]”, notes Bizhan.

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--Lauren Frye '10, Mechanical Engineering Student Reporter

Published February 4, 2009