Mechanical Engineering Professor James Wallace has been selected for the 2004 University System of Maryland Regents’ Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching. Congratulations to Professor Wallace for this outstanding achievement.

Professor Wallace has also been appointed to be a member of the “Burgers Board” to help promote awareness fluid dynamics on campus and abroad.

Inspired by the intellectual heritage of J.M. Burgers, the mission of the Burgers Board is to enhance the quality and international visibility of the research and educational programs in fluid dynamics and related areas at the University of Maryland with the help of an endowed Burgers Fund. Fluid dynamics in this context is viewed to include a broad range of dynamics, from nanoscales to geophysical scales, in simple and complex fluids.

Members of the Burgers Board are: Jan V. Sengers, Chair; J. Robert Dorfman; Daniel P. Lathrop; Rajarshi Roy; Gijs Ooms (Director of the J.M. Burgers Center in The Netherlands); Katepalli R. Sreenivasan (Director International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Triest); and James M. Wallace.

The Burgers Board organizes an annual Burgers Lecture in the fall.

Published February 15, 2004