To me, the ME@UMD community epitomizes a spirit of discovery, innovation, entrepreneurship, and collegiality. It's a community that comes together around common goals, and celebrates its members' accomplishments. It's a place where every person is seen, respected, and cared for.

In this place, we're always learning, with and from each other. We're passionately creative, informed by deep knowledge, and dedicated to environmentally and socially responsible solutions to the challenges facing humanity and the earth. We know that the needs are great and that we have the gumption and fortitude to veer off the beaten path even when what lies ahead is murky and the journey may be long.

We see it as an imperative that access and equity should guide the development and application of new technologies. Our community builds on a diversity of thought, backgrounds, and experiences. We're made stronger by a multitude of perspectives and humbled by the opportunity to reach across differences.

Today, Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maryland looks ahead, buoyed by the excitement of inquiry and scholarship, and committed to impact and relevance. I feel joy and pride to call this community my home. I invite you to join us in partnership as we welcome tomorrow.

Harry Dankowicz
Professor and Chair
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Maryland