Laboratory for Control and Information Systems

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The Laboratory for Control and Information Systems at the University of Maryland aims to advance health monitoring and maintenance methodologies applicable to a wide range of dynamic systems by exploiting control and systems theory, with priority emphasis on bio-systems, health and medicine, as well as mechanical systems and structures.  To achieve this, our research activity covers a number of aspects related to non-intrusive and ubiquitous sensing, modeling via system identification and signal processing, condition monitoring and fault diagnostics via on-line estimation and analytical redundancy techniques, and maintenance and intervention via decision making and closed-loop control.  Our current focus areas are 1) physiologic systems monitoring, 2) decision-assist, closed-loop control, fault diagnostics and accommodation challenges in critical care resuscitation, and 3) resilient and context-aware medical cyber-physical systems.

Location: 2107 Glenn L. Martin Hall, Building #088

Jin-Oh Hahn

301-405-7864 |