The department features 5 major inter-disciplinary research centers and nearly forty laboratories, in which faculty and students conduct cutting-edge research projects with academic, corporate, and government partners.

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Major Research Areas

Advanced Manufacturing
Innovative technologies for next-generation product manufacturing
Applied Mechanics
Application of theoretical and computational solid mechanics to engineering technology
Biomedical Devices
& Systems

Devices, technologies, and systems to probe biological processes and improve human health
Design & Optimization
Application of design and optimization methodologies to solve engineering challenges
Dynamics & Controls
Modeling and control of complex dynamical systems ranging from nonlinear vibration to information systems
Electronics Reliability
& Sustainability

Reliability of electronics at the level of components, packages, systems, and supply chains
New materials, devices, and processes advancing energy generation, storage, and management
Energy for the
Built Environment

Sustainable technologies and design methods for energy and air quality management within the built environment
Fluid Mechanics
& Hydrodynamics

Fundamental and applied investigations into the kinematics and dynamics of complex fluid flows
Heat Transfer
& Thermal Systems

Advanced solutions for thermal management of systems ranging from electronics to energy
& Nanosystems

Design, modeling, and fabrication of devices at micrometer to nanometer length scales
Risk & Reliability
Integrated computational and experimental approaches to evaluating and managing risk and reliability in complex systems
Advanced robotic technologies integrating sensing, actuation, and control
Smart Materials
& Structures

Active materials and their integration into smart structures combining sensing, actuation, and control