Credits: 3


Prerequisite: ENME662; or students who have taken courses with comparable content may contact the department.
Recommended: Completion of coursework or background in Vibrations recommended.
Restriction: Must be in a major in ENGR-A. James Clark School of Engineering.
This course aims at introducing the different damping models that describe the behavior of viscoelastic materials. Emphasis will be placedon m odeling the dynamics of simple structures (beams, plates & shells) with Passive Constrained Layer Damping (PCLD). Considerations will also be g iven to other types of surface treatments such as Magnetic Constrained Layer Damping (MCLD), Shunted Network Constrained Layer Damping (SNCLD),Active Constrained Layer Damping (ACLD) and Electrorheological Constrained Layer Damping (ECLD). Energy dissipation characteristics of the damp ing treatments will be presented analytically & by using the modal strain energy approach as applied to finite element models of vibrating structures.

Semesters Offered

Spring 2019, Spring 2021