Advanced Heat Exchangers Lab

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The objective of the Advanced Heat Exchangers/Electronics Cooling Consortia is to identify at early stages promising emerging technologies in heat and mass transfer enhancement with applications to development of miniaturized and smart heat exchangers and thermal management systems. Through combined analytical and experimental studies we will address the feasibility, manufacturing, and operational issues, and to evaluate the potential for near term implementation in the next generation of advanced, high performance energy conversion systems.

Some of the current and past projects include:

  • Performance characterization of micro-scale condensers
  • Structural and mechanical design analysis of advanced micro-channel heat exchangers
  • Electrostatic (EHD)-Enhanced separation of liquid droplets from gas/liquid flows-Application to refrigeration and other systems
  • Sand fouling of heat exchangers etc.

Location: 3131-3135, Kim Engineering Building #225
Phone: 301-405-5412

Michael Ohadi

Minta Martin Professor
301-405-5263 |

Amir Shooshtari

Research Professor
301-405-5186 |