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Berger, Dr. Bruce S.

Berger, Dr. Bruce S.

Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
2143 Glenn L. Martin Hall, Building 088


Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1962


  • Van Nostrand Prize
  • Otto Wolf Prize
  • ASME Award for Development of Mechanical Engineering


  • Member of Board of Directors, ASME, Washington Section
  • Research proposal reviewed for DOE
  • Journal reviewer, Intl. Journal of Engineering Sciences, Journal of Sound and Vibration, Journal of Applied Mechanics

Dynamical systems Machine tool vibrations Numerical methods

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  • With R. Danson and R. Carpenter),   “Tables  of Zeros and Weights for Gauss-Laguerre Quadrature to 23S for N=700, 800, and 900,” January 1969.
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A selection taken from 100 proceedings and journal publications.

Celebrating Two Decades of Partnership in Energy Education

Campus energy provider ENGIE concludes its 20th year of support for UMD engineering students.

Alumnus John Berger (M.S. ME ’85, Ph.D. ME ’90) Promoted to Senior Associate Provost at Colorado School of Mines

John has served as both Professor and Department Head at the Colorado School of Mines.

Welcome, NAE Members

The Clark School welcomes six National Academy Engineering members who will be returning to or joining our faculty this fall.

Mechanical Engineering Students Recognized at Annual Honors and Award Ceremony

Twelve Mechanical Engineering students were awarded for their achievements at the 2014 Clark School Honors and Award Ceremony.

Three Mechanical Engineering Students Receive NASA Fellowships

Herzberger, Scammel, and Saurbrunn receive NASA Space Technology Research Fellowships.

Clark School Senior Wins Schlumberger Intern Video Contest

Mechanical Engineering senior Haley Crock created a winning video documenting her summer internship with Schlumberger.

Clark School Freshmen Compete in Hovercraft Competition

ENES100 students build autonomous hovercrafts for final exam.

Engineering Curriculum Development Recognized by NSF and IOP

Program funds and institute journal supports nanotech and bio-inspired design curriculum.

New Keystone Instructors Selected

Thamire, Bonenberger and Calabro selected to enhance teaching of fundamental courses.

Maryland's Tau Mu Chapter hosts 82nd National Pi Tau Sigma Convention

UMD's Tau Mu Chapter hosted the 82nd National Pi Tau Sigma Convention on the weekend of February 21-23, 2003.

British Parliament Members Visit the CHP Integration Test Center

On January 30, 2002 several members of the British Parliament were in Washington, DC, for a Summit on Climate Change and Renewable Energy.