Eight mechanical engineering students accepted to Future Faculty Program

The Clark School is committed to providing quality engineering education today and to future generations of students. Our Future Faculty Program was designed to increase the number of highly qualified educators the Clark School produces for the world's engineering schools. The program prepares selected Clark School doctoral students to achieve career-long success in the academic world as educators and researchers. The program's ultimate goal is to place selected students in leading institutions where they can have the greatest impact and where they may continue to partner with the Clark School.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is proud to announce that eight of its doctoral students have been accepted to the Future Faculty Program. These hard-working individuals have shown exceptional dedication to the engineering field and its future. Our fellows will make a remarkable contribution to the future generation of mechanical engineers.

Our most sincere congratulations to each of our fellows from the Department of Mechanical Engineering's staff, faculty, and students!

Lei Gao

Fellow: Lei Gao
Advisor: Reinhard Radermacher

Sriram Bharath Hariharan

Fellow: Sriram Bharath Hariharan
Advisor: Michael Gollner

Haoyuan Jing

Fellow: Haoyuan Jing
Advisor: Siddhartha Das

David Leslie

Fellow: David Leslie
Advisor: Abhijit Dasgupta


Fellow: Chang Liu
Advisor: Ken Kiger

Azin Sadat Mousavi

Fellow: Azin Sadat Mousavi
Advisor: Jin-Oh Hahn

Xiangxue Zhao

Fellow: Xiangxue Zhao
Advisor: Shapour Azarm

Chaolun Zheng

Fellow: Chaolun Zheng
Advisor: Bao Yang

Published January 18, 2019