Department of Mechanical Engineering Gift Fund

Gifts to this fund support the educational and research needs of both undergraduate and graduate students. As students constantly pursue new ideas and innovations, this fund helps to seed projects, present awards, host inspiring industry speakers, send students to conferences, and other opportunities as they arise.


undergrad researcher in the HSIS labMechanical Engineering Scholarship Fund for Undergraduate Students

As one of the top-ranked undergraduate programs in the nation, the Department of Mechanical Engineering maintains a long history of preparing students for success. Scholarships help to provide more students with access to this quality education, alleviating a significant financial burden and allowing students to focus on their academic goals.


Mechanical Engineering Graduate Fellowship Program Fund

Top scholars help to define a university’s reputation and quality of research. This fund provides fellowship support for graduate students to attract the most competitive applicants to the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Talented students are crucial to our work in advancing the field, securing notable research grants, and garnering global recognition for our cutting-edge innovations.


ME Faculty LabMechanical Engineering Faculty Gift Fund

World-class faculty are essential to providing exceptional educational experiences and continually challenging the boundaries of the field. This fund supports supplies, equipment, travel, and other needs to ensure that our faculty have the proper resources to pursue this important work.


Terps Racing

The Terps Racing program is one of the most popular and competitive student teams on campus. This program, part of a global initiative of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), challenges undergraduate students to design, build, and race either a Formula-style race car, Baja-style off-road vehicle, or an electric vehicle. Terps Racing students are some of the Clark School’s most sought-after candidates by top employers upon graduation.


David C. Holloway SAE Terps Racing Fund

Dr. Holloway served as a faculty member and dedicated advisor to the Terps Racing team. After his death in 2016, and as a testament to his impact on the program, a fund was established in his honor to help with the team’s equipment and travel.


Design DayCapstone Design and Project Fund

Each year, over 300 senior undergraduate students present project prototypes built to solve selected engineering problems. This fund helps student teams purchase the supplies required to develop prototypes of their ideas as they move from concept to actual product.


Take-Home Student Lab Kits

Hands-on projects are an essential part of undergraduate coursework in mechanical engineering. This fund supports the purchase of take-home lab kits which enable individual students to fully understand all aspects of a project, in contrast to team lab experiences in which students frequently become experts in only one function. These kits complement both in-person and virtual learning.

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Marvin Roush Fellowship in Risk and Reliability

As a pioneer in the field of reliability engineering, Dr. Roush created an educational program that would later become the Center for Risk and Reliability, serving as Director from 1997-2003. Help continue the important educational opportunities that he cared about.


Please contact Alex Taliaferro, Director of External Relations, to learn more about any of these funds or to find the best opportunities to meet your interests.