Alexander J. and Valentina A. Severinsky 125th Anniversary Colloquium

In this four-part colloquium, leading figures from government, academia, and industry reflect on the versatility and lasting relevance on the mechanical engineering field.

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Ford "Future of Transportation" Lecture Series

With generous support from Ford, this series introduces students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering to new ideas in transportation, specifically around electrification, data analytics, and autonomous vehicles.

October 11, 2019: Scott Drennan (BSAE '93)
Vice President, Innovation - Bell, Dallas-Fort Worth, TX


Mechanical Engineering Lecture Series

The Mechanical Engineering Lecture series features invited guests from across academe, industry, and government to speak on a variety of topics on the leading edges of engineering.

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Fluid Dynamics Reviews Seminar Series

The Fluid Dynamics Reviews (FDR) Seminar Series covers topics in the thermal, fluids and combustion sciences across all scientific and engineering disciplines.

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