Graduate Student Nima Fazeli Selected as Best Student Paper Finalist

Graduate student Nima Fazeli was among five finalists selected as a Best Student Paper Finalist for the 2012 ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference. A winner will be selected during the conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. from October 17-19.

Fazeli’s paper, “Active Non-Intrusive System Identification for Cardiovascular Monitoring, Part I: Excitation and Measurement Protocol Design,” introduces a non-intrusive system identification (SYSID) approach to cardiovascular monitoring. Fazeli’s design uses a dual blood pressure cuff as an actuator as well as a pressure transducer for cardiovascular SYSID. This approach would allow doctors to monitor a patient’s cardiovascular health with minimal discomfort to the patient and help in future diagnosis of heart disease.

Fazeli, a master’s student, will compete with post doctorates and Ph.D. students in the final years of their degrees. “To have one’s work recognized amongst them is something that makes me very proud,” Fazeli said. His advisor and co-author Dr. Jin-Oh Hahn provided invaluable input and guidance throughout the process. Dr. Hee-Chan Kim of Seoul National University also contributed to the paper.

Both Fazeli and Hahn transferred to UMd. from the University of Alberta.

To have one’s work recognized amongst them is something that makes me very proud

Nima Fazeli

Published October 8, 2012