New materials, devices, and processes
advancing energy generation, storage, and management

Affiliated Faculty

David Bigio David Bigio
Associate Professor
Organic batteries replacing lithium and other metallic based anodes and cathodes
Siddhartha Das Siddhartha Das
Assistant Professor
Capillarity-driven fabrication for energy application; Asphaltene; Electric Double Layer effects for energy application
Steven Gabriel Steven Gabriel

Modeling of critical infrastructure using optimization, equilibrium/game theory, and statistical methods; Applications in: energy markets, energy policy, telecommunications networks, environment (climate change, wastewater management, land development), transportation; Algorithm development for solving optimization and equilibrium/game theory models

Steven Gabriel Katrina Groth
Assistant Professor
Director, SyRRA Lab

Risk assessment, modeling and simulation for energy systems and infrastructure; hydrogen and natural gas vehicle infrastructure; hydrogen safety, codes, and standards; nuclear power plants; data fusion; artificial intelligence; decision making under uncertainty.

Ashwani Gupta Ashwani Gupta
Distinguished University Professor
Clean and efficient combustion of fuels; High temperature distributed combustion; Gas turbines; Fuel reforming; Waste and biomass to clean energy; Sulfur/energy recovery from fuels
Johan Larsson Johan Larsson
Assistant Professor
High-fidelity simulations of turbulent reacting and non-reacting flows; Modeling of supersonic combustion; LES for complex geometries
Michael Ohadi Michael Ohadi
F. Patrick McCluskey F. Patrick McCluskey
Power electronics for inverters/converters for wind turbines, solar, smart grid, and electric vehicles
Reinhard Radermacher Reinhard Radermacher
Minta Martin Professor
Director, Center for Environmental Energy Engineering
Energy conversion systems for efficient and effective implementation of renewable energy and maximum energy savings
Amir Riaz Amir Riaz
Associate Professor

Enhanced oil recovery; Geothermal systems; Geologic carbon dioxide sequestration; Subsurface hydrology

Jelena Srebric Jelena Srebric

Energy Management through Integration of Personalized Devices and Central HVAC

Bao Yang Bao Yang
Associate Professor
Miao Yu Miao Yu
Associate Professor
Sensor networks for energy systems