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Azarm, Shapour

Shapour Azarm
Director, Design Decision Support Lab
Department of Mechanical Engineering
2155 Glenn L. Martin Hall, Building 088
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

Research Interests 

  • Design Optimization: Design optimization under uncertainty with: (i) single or multiple design objectives; (ii) multiple coupled subsystems
  • Product Design for Market Systems: Design of competitive single products, product lines, and bundled products with upstream (parts/modules suppliers) and/or downstream (manufacturers, retailers) supply chain
  • Approximation Assisted Simulation-Based Design: Approximation strategies combined with multi-objective optimization for engineering design that requires computationally intensive analysis like CFD, FEA
  • Decision Support Systems: Interactive multi-attribute decision analysis strategies that facilitate selection from multiple alternatives
  • Applications: Examples include consumer electronics (smart phones, tablet computers); heat exchangers; power tools; power electronics; data centers; oil refineries; unmanned vehicles (walking machines; UAVs, UUVs); network infrastructure planning


Dr. Azarm was formerly a Navy Senior Faculty Fellow at NSWC-Carderock, NASA Goddard Faculty Fellow, Visiting Scientist at NASA Langley, and Visiting Professor at both the Research Center for Multidisciplinary Analysis and Applied Structural Optimization of the University of Siegen in Germany and at Design Institute of Technical University of Denmark.


  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1984

Honors and Awards 

  • Westinghouse Professorship (1989)
  • Proctor & Gamble Best Paper Awards (1989, 1991)
  • ASEE Faculty Fellowships (1994, 1995)
  • ASME Service Awards (1996, 1999, 2007)
  • ASME Fellow (2004)
  • The ASME Design Automation Award (2007): "For sustained and meritorious contributions to research in Design Automation, specifically in computational design optimization and engineering design decision making."
  • The 2009 ASME Design Automation Conference Best Paper Award (with former PhD students Mian Li and Nathan Williams), and the designation of a paper (with Z. Wang and P.K. Kannan) as one of “10 best papers” in the 2011 ASME Design Automation Conference.

Professional Memberships and Service 

  • Guest Co-Editor: Journal of Mechanical Design, Special Issue on “Designing Complex Engineered Systems” that appeared in October 2011;
  • Associate Editor (2008-Present): Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization;
  • Associate Editor (1998-Present): Mechanics-Based Design of Structures and Machines;
  • Editorial Board Member (2005-Present): International Journal of Reliability and Safety
  • Advisory Board Member (2010-Present): ASME Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering
  • Guest Co-Editor: Journal of Mechanical Design, Special Issue on “Robust and Reliability Based Design” that appeared in September 2006
  • Past Associate Editor (1993-1995; 2003-2005; 2006-2009): Journal of Mechanical Design
  • Operating Board Member (2010-2013): ASME Systems and Design Group
  • Member-At-Large (2010-2013), ASME Technical Communities Committee on Division Operations and Training (CDOT)
  • Past Chair (2007-2008) and Member (2007-Present): ASME Design Engineering Division (DED) Advisory Committee
  • Past Chair (2006-2007): ASME DED
  • Past Paper Review Chair (1995) and Conference Chair (1996): ASME Design Automation Conference
  • Past Chair (1996-1997): ASME Design Automation Committee; Fellow of the ASME
  • Senior Member of the AIAA; Member: International Society for Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization
  • Member: International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making
  • Professional Engineer: State of Maryland

Selected Publications 


  • Hu, W., A. Almansoori, P.K. Kannan, S. Azarm, and Z. Wang, 2012, “Corporate Dashboards for Integrated Business and Engineering Decisions in Oil Refineries: An Agent-Based Approach,” Decision Support Systems, 52, pp. 729-741, doi: 10.1016/j.dss.2011.11.019.
  • Siddiqui, S., S. Azarm, and S. Gabriel, 2012, “On Improving Normal Boundary Intersection Method for Generation of Pareto Frontier,” Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization (online since May 8, 2012, doi: 10.1007/s00158-012-0797-1).
  • Hu, W., S. Azarm, and A. Almansoori, 2012, “New Approximation Assisted Multi-objective collaborative Robust Optimization (New AA-McRO) Under Interval Uncertainty,” Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization (online, doi: 10.1007/s00158-012-0816-2 ). (Also, Proceedings of the 13th AIAA/ISSMO Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization Conference, Fort Worth, TX, Sept. 2010.)
  • Saleh, K., O. Abdelaziz, V. Aute, S. Azarm, and R. Radermacher, 2012, “Approximation Assisted Optimization of Headers for New Generation of Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers,” Applied Thermal Engineering, (online since June 12, 2012).
  • Wang, L., B. Youn, S. Azarm, P. K. Kannan, 2012, “Customer-Driven Product Design Selection Using Web Based User-Generated Content,” Journal of Mechanical Design (submitted/under revision). (Also, in Proceedings of the 2011 ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conferences, Washington D.C., 2011.)
  • Aute, V., K. Saleh, O. Abdelaziz, S. Azarm, and R. Radermacher, 2012, “Cross-Validation Based Single Response Adaptive Design of Experiments for Kriging Metamodeling of Deterministic Computer Simulations,” Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization (submitted/under revision).
  • Mortazavi, A., S. Azarm, and S. Gabriel, 2012, “Adaptive Gradient Assisted Robust Design Optimization under Interval Uncertainty,” Engineering Optimization (accepted with minor revisions).
  • Hu, W., K. H. Saleh, S. Azarm, and G. E. Mosier, 2012, “Approximation Assisted Multiobjective Optimization with Combined Global and Local Metamodeling,” Journal of Mechanical Design (submitted).
  • Siddiqui, S., S. Gabriel, and S. Azarm, 2012, “Solving Mixed-Integer Robust Optimization Problems with Interval Uncertainty Using Benders Decomposition,” Journal of the Operational Society of America (submitted).


  • Hamel, J., and S. Azarm, 2011, “Reducible Uncertain Interval Design by Kriging Metamodel Assisted Multi-Objective Optimization,” Journal of Mechanical Design, 133(1), pp. 011002-1 to 011002-10.
  • Wang, Z., S. Azarm, and P. K. Kannan, 2011, “Strategic Design Decisions for Uncertain Market Systems Using an Agent Based Approach,” Journal of Mechanical Design, 133(4), pp. 041003-1 to 041003-11.
  • Williams, N., P. K. Kannan, and S. Azarm, 2011, “Retail Channel Structure Impact on Strategic Engineering Product Design,” Management Science, 57(5), pp. 897-914.
  • Li, M., S. A. Gabriel, Y. Shim, S. Azarm, 2011, “Interval Uncertainty-Based Robust Optimization for Convex and Non-Convex Quadratic Programs with Applications in Network Infrastructure Planning,” Networks and Spatial Economics, 11, pp. 159-191.
  • Hu, W., M. Li, S. Azarm, and A. Almansoori, 2011, “Multi-Objective Robust Optimization with Interval Uncertainty Using Online Approximation and Constraint Cuts,” Journal of Mechanical Design, 130(6), pp. 061002-1 to 061002-9.
  • Siddiqui, S., S. Azarm, and S. Gabriel, 2011, “A Modified Benders Decomposition Method for Efficient Robust Optimization under Interval Uncertainty,” Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, 44(2), pp. 259–275.
  • Wang, Z., P. K. Kannan, and S. Azarm, 2011, “Customer-Driven Design Decision for Convergence Products,” Journal of Mechanical Design, 133(10), pp. 101010-1 to 101010-10. Designated as one of “10 best papers” in the 2011 ASME Design Automation Conference.
  • Allen, J., S. Azarm, and T. Simpson, 2011, “Designing Complex Engineered Systems,” (Special Issue) Journal of Mechanical Design, 133(10), pp. 100301-1 to 100301-2. (Guest Editorial)


  • Li, M., J. Hamel, and S. Azarm, 2010, “Optimal Uncertainty Reduction for Multi-Disciplinary Multi-Output Systems Using Sensitivity Analysis,” Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, 40, pp. 77-96.
  •  Li, G., V. Aute, and S. Azarm, 2010, “An Accumulative Error Based Adaptive Design of Experiments for Offline Metamodeling,” Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, 40, pp. 137-155.
  •  Williams, N., S. Azarm, and P. K. Kannan, 2010, “Multicategory Design of Bundled Products for Retail Channels under Uncertainty and Competition,” Journal of Mechanical Design, 132, pp. 031003-1 to 031003-10.
  •  Hamel, J., M. Li, and S. Azarm, 2010, “Design Improvement by Sensitivity Analysis (DISA) Under Interval Uncertainty Using Multi-Objective Optimization," Journal of Mechanical Design, 132, pp. 081010-1 to 081010-10.
  •  Abdelaziz, O., V. Aute, S. Azarm, and R. Radermacher, 2010, “Approximation Assisted Optimization for Novel Compact Heat Exchanger Designs,” HVAC&R Research, 16(5), pp. 707-728.


  • Li, G., M. Li, S. Azarm, S. Al Hashimi, T. Al Ameri, and N. Al Qasas, 2009, “Improving Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms with Adaptive Design of Experiments and Online Metamodeling,” Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, 37(5), pp. 447-461.
  • Li, M., N. Williams, and S. Azarm, 2009, “Interval Uncertainty Reduction and Single-Disciplinary Sensitivity Analysis with Multi-Objective Optimization,” Journal of Mechanical Design, 131(3), pp. 031007-1 to 031007-11. (Best Paper of the 2009 ASME Design Automation Conference.)
  • Li, M., S. Azarm, N. Williams, S. Al Hashimi, A. Almansoori, and N. Al Qasas, 2009, “Integrated Multi-Objective Robust Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis with Irreducible and Reducible Interval Uncertainty,” Engineering Optimization, 41(10), pp. 889–908.


  • Li, M., G. Li, and S. Azarm, 2008, “A Kriging Metamodel Assisted Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm for Design Optimization,” Journal of Mechanical Design, 130(3), pp. 031401-1 to 031401-10.
  • Williams, N., S. Azarm, and P. K. Kannan, 2008, “Engineering Product Design Optimization for Retail Channel Acceptance,”Journal of Mechanical Design, 130(6), pp. 061402-1 to 061402-10.
  • Li, M., and S. Azarm, 2008, “Multiobjective Collaborative Robust Optimization (McRO) with Interval Uncertainty and Interdisciplinary Uncertainty Propagation,” Journal of Mechanical Design, 130(8), pp. 081402-1 to 081402-12.
  • Azarm, S., 2008, “Journal Impact Factor: What It Is and It Is Not,” Journal of Mechanical Design, 130(10), pp. 100301-1. (Invited Guest Editorial)


  • Maddulapalli, K., S. Azarm, and A. Boyars, 2007, “Sensitivity Analysis for Product Design Selection with an Implicit Value Function,” European Journal of Operational Research, 180, pp. 1245-1259.
  • Li, G., M. Li, S. Azarm, J. Rambo, and Y. Joshi, 2007, “Optimizing Thermal Design of Data Center Cabinets with a New Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm,” Distributed and Parallel Databases, 21(2-3), pp. 167-192.


  • Li, G., S. Azarm, A. Farhang-Mehr, and A. Diaz, 2006, “Approximation of Multi-Response Engineering Simulations: A Dependent Meta-Modeling Approach,” Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, 31, pp. 260-269.
  • Li, M., S. Azarm, and A. Boyars, 2006, “A New Deterministic Approach using Sensitivity Region Measures for Multi-Objective and Feasibility Robust Design Optimization,” Journal of Mechanical Design, 128(4), pp. 874-883.
  • Besharati, B., L. Luo, S. Azarm, and P. K. Kannan, 2006, “Multi-Objective Single Product Robust Optimization: An Integrated Design and Marketing Approach,” Journal of Mechanical Design, 128(4), pp. 884-892.
  • Besharati, B., and S. Azarm, 2006, “Deterministic Feasibility and Multi-Objective Robustness Measures for Engineering Design Optimization,” International Journal of Reliability and Safety, 1(1/2), pp. 40-58.
  • Maddulapalli, K., and S. Azarm, 2006, “Product Design Selection with Preference and Attribute Variability for an Implicit Value Function,” Journal of Mechanical Design, 128(5), pp. 1027-1037.
  • Besharati, B., S. Azarm, and P. K. Kannan, 2006, “A Decision Support System for Product Design Selection: Generalized Purchase Modeling Approach,” Decision Support Systems, 42(1), pp. 333-350.

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