Faculty Directory

Marshall, Andre

Marshall, Andre

Associate Professor
Director, Fire Testing and Evaluation Center (FireTEC)
Fire Protection Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
3104H J.M. Patterson Bldg.


  • University of Maryland, 1993-1996, College Park, Maryland
    Doctorate of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering – Thermal Fluids
  • Georgia Institute of Technology, 1987-1992, Atlanta, Georgia
    Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering – Thermal Sciences
    Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with High Honor


  • University of Maryland, 2001-Present, College Park, Maryland
    Associate Professor
    Fire Protection Engineering and Aerospace Engineering (Adjunct)
  • Rolls-Royce Corporation, 1996-2001, Indianapolis, Indiana
    Senior Project Engineer – Combustion Technology Acquisition


  • SFPE Hat’s Off Award
  • IAFSS Best Research Image Award
  • NSF CAREER Award
  • NASA AST Award for Low Emissions Advancement
  • GE Aircraft Engines Engineering Achievement Award


  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
  • International Association for Fire Safety Science (IAFSS)
  • Society of Fire Protection Engineers  (SFPE)

Dr. Marshall’s research is focused on characterizing turbulent flow transport in fires and flames using advanced diagnostics and models. Current flows of interest include unconfined and bounded fire plumes and fire suppression sprays.  Dr. Marshall is applying scale-modeling principles to the plume dispersion problem in his DOJ sponsored research to develop small-scale test methods for fire investigation and forensic analysis.  As part of his NSF CAREER Award and research sponsored by FM Global, Dr. Marshall is developing state-of-the art experimental methods and modeling techniques to analyze sprinkler discharge characteristics.  Dr. Marshall is also very active in propulsion research.  Currently he is performing an experimental investigation to characterize near-wall mixing and heat transfer along film cooled propulsion surfaces in support of the NASA Moon-Mars Crew Exploration Vehicle development.  He is also characterizing atomization in fuel injection sprays as part of his NSF CAREER research. 


  • Ren, N., Blum, A. F., Zheng, Y. H., Do, C. and Marshall, A. W., “Quantifying the Initial Spray from Fire Sprinklers,” Fire Safety Science - Proceedings of the Ninth International Association of Fire Safety Science, IAFSS, Karlsruhe, Deutschland, Accepted, 2008.
  • Wu, D., Guillemin, D., and Marshall, A. W., “A Modeling Basis for Predicting the Initial Sprinkler Spray,” Fire Safety Journal, Vol. 42, pp. 283-294, 2007.
  • Yao, X., and Marshall, A. W., “Quantitative Salt-Water Modeling of Fire Induced Flows for Convective Heat Transfer Model Development,” ASME Journal of Heat Transfer, Vol. 129, pp. 1373-1383, 2007.
  • Cruz, C. A. and Marshall, A. W., “Surface and Gas Phase Temperature Measurements Along a Film Cooled Wall”, AIAA Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer, Vol. 21, pp. 181-189, 2007.

Selected Lectures

  • Marshall, A. W., “Advances in Water-Based Fire Suppression Modeling: Evaluating Sprinkler Discharge Characteristics,” International Fire Sprinkler Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2008.
  • Marshall, A. W., “Quantitative Analysis of Fire Induced Convective Transport via the Salt-Water Analogy,” The Combustion Institute (UK Section), London, United Kingdom, 2005.

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